Smiles by Maria - Dental clinic in uccle

New Patients Welcome

We would be delighted to welcome you to Smiles By Maria as a new patient. Your first consultation will involve a check-up and examination of your teeth, where we will be able to diagnose any issues and, if necessary, develop an oral care treatment plan to suit you.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and providing patients with the most up to date dental treatments set in a relaxed atmosphere.

First consultation

On arrival at Smiles By Maria, you will be welcomed by our treatment coordinator who will explain our clinic and team philosophy.Your first consultation will be used to determine the best course of treatment using a clinical examination, set in a relaxed atmosphere.You will then have an optical scan (filming of your teeth).

The scan of your teeth will be digitally transferred to the consultation room where you will meet the Orthodontist, who will discuss your diagnosis and possible treatment plan. We encourage you to take this time to get to know our Team, ask any questions you may have about your dental treatment and letting her know any of your concerns.

This will help Maria and her team to develop the best treatment plan to suit your specific needs.